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Kvar Black

Kvar Black

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Washington University School of Medicine Department of Radiology



  • University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 2005, B.S., Materials Science and Engineering
  • Northwestern University,  Evanston, IL 2012, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering
  • Washington University, St. Louis, MO. Postdoc, Radiochemistry for in vivo bioimaging and therapy

Research interests:

  • Biomimetic Strategies for biomedical applications
  • Multimodal bioimaging
  • Biomedical applications of metal nanoparticles
  • Characterization, diagnosis, and therapy of cancer



  1. KCL Black, TS Sileika, J Yi, R Zhang, JG Rivera, PB Messersmith: Bacterial Killing by Light?Triggered Release of Silver from Biomimetic Metal Nanorods. Small (2013).
  2. Y Wang, KCL Black, H Luehmann, W Li, Y Zhang, X Cai, D Wan, SY Liu, M Li, P Kim, ZY Li, LV Wang, Y Liu, Y Xia: Comparison Study of Gold Nanohexapods, Nanorods, and Nanocages for Photothermal Cancer Treatment.  ACS nano 7(3), 2068-207 (2013).
  3. KCL Black, J Yi, JG Rivera, DC Zelasko-Leon, PB Messersmith: Polydopamine-enabled surface functionalization of gold nanorods for cancer cell-targeted imaging and photothermal therapy.  Nanomedicine 8(1), 17-28 (2013).
  4. KC Black, ND Kirkpatrick, TS Troutman, L Xu, J Vagner, RJ Gillies, JK Barton, U Utzinger, M Romanowski: Gold nanorods targeted to delta opioid receptor: plasmon-resonant contrast and photothermal agents.  Molecular imaging 7(1), 50 (2008).



Soccer playing, beer-brewing, creative writing, reading

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