Optical Radiology Labs at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

Publications from 2007


  1. M. Y. Berezin, H. Lee, W. Akers, G. Nikiforovich, & S. Achilefu: Ratiometric analysis of fluorescence lifetime for probing binding sites in albumin with near infrared fluorescent molecular probes. Photochem. Photobiol83, 1371-1378 (2007), PMID: 18028211.

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  5. W. Akers, F. Lesage, D. Holten, & S. Achilefu: In vivo resolution of multiexponential decays of multiple near-infrared molecular probes by fluorescence lifetime-gated whole-body time-resolved diffuse optical imaging. Molecular Imaging 6, 237-246 (2007), PMID: 17711779.

  6. Y. Pu, W. B. WangS. Achilefu, B. B. Das, G. C. Tang, V. Sriramoju, & R. R. Alfano: Time-resolved fluorescence polarization anisotropy and optical imaging of cybesin in cancerous and normal prostate tissues. Optics Commun. 274, 260-267 (2007), PMID: 21460894.

  7. G. V. Nikiforovich, G. R. Marshall, & S. Achilefu: Molecular modeling suggests conformational scaffolds specifically targeting five subtypes of somatostatin receptors.  Chem. Biol. Drug. Des. 69, 163-169 (2007), PMID: 17441902.

  8. M. Berezin & S. Achilefu: Novel synthon for incorporating 1,3-dimethyl imidazolium group into molecular architecture. Tetrahedron Lett. 48, 1195-1199 (2007), PMCID: PMC1849869.  

  9. J. E. Sprague, H. Kitaura, W. Zou, Y. Ye, S. Achilefu, K. N. Weilbaecher, S. L. Teitelbaum, & C. J. Anderson: Noninvasive imaging of osteoclasts in parathyroid hormone-induced osteolysis using a 64Cu-labeled RGD peptide. J. Nucl. Med. 48, 311-318 (2007), PMCID: PMC2711534.

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