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blockave is a program to block-average data. To use it, the syntax is:

>> [blockdata]=blockave(data,samplenum,cyclenum,blockkeep)

data is your time trace including all blocks (it can include blocks that you don't want to include in the block-average). samplenum is the number of time-points per block and cyclenum is the total number of cycles. Ideally samplenum times cyclenum is the time length of data (or at least the part of data that you want to extract), but blockave can handle the two being off by a few samples and still yield good block-averaging. blockkeep is a list of the blocks to keep. Thus, you can disentangle two stimuli that are alternatively presented with two calls of blockave, each asking for different blocks. blockkeep is an optional input--if you leave it out, blockave will include all of the block in the average.

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