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If you acquired NeuroDOT through a CD or Flash Drive Release

To configure the NeuroDOT Code toolbox, just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Create a directory for your NeuroDOT code and save the release there.
  2. Open MATLAB, change the "Current Folder" to the NeuroDOT folder.
  3. Run the program initializeMATLABpath(). If you are running Windows 7, be sure to either run initializeMATLABpath() as the administrator or move the MATLAB program files to outside of the c:\Program Files directory.
  4. Create a data directory. It should be called D:\Data\. If you do not store your data in a folder called D:\Data\, you need to alter the path file as explained here.
  5. When you save data it should be listed in a subfolder by date (in YYMMDD format), for example: D:\Data\100420\. Place the training data sets into the proper locations, D:\data\091215\ and D:\data\091021.

If you acquired NeuroDOT using SVN

This explanation assumes that you already have installed TortoiseSVN and have a NeuroDOT account.

  1. Create a directory for your NeuroDOT code, right click and choose "SVN Checkout". Enter URL to the distribution you want and click enter (you will be prompted for your password).
  2. Open MATLAB, change the "Current Folder" to wherever you just stored NeuroDOT.
  3. Run the program initializeMATLABpath().
  4. Run the program template2txt().
  5. Create data directories that match the distributed path files. Or, change your path files as desired.

Next Steps

Now that your code is configured, the next step to learning the code is to try the Training Modules. For in depth descriptions of particular programs go to: NeuroDOT Code.

Additional Comments

These steps have told MATLAB where the NeuroDOT code is stored. And, you have set up your data so that the basic experimental design programs can find it. However, the majority of NeuroDOT programs are like all MATLAB programs and do not know where your data is stored. Thus, if you are using a program like loaddata(), you need to either have MATLAB in the specific data directory or use the program with a full (rather than relative) path.

If you wish to save your data in a different directory than D:\Data\, if you wish to have different data directories for different experiments, or if you wish to sort data by subject as well as date, then you need to edit the path file. Directions for doing so can be found following the link.

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