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When you remove noisy channels from the A-matrix (the channels to be removed are often found with getgi()), this can improve noise, but it also means that you lower sensitivity in certain areas. Checking the number of indices remaining in the variable goodindex (output by dotfilter()) can be a good check, however to really check if there are any areas of significant reconstruction sensitivity loss, you need to perform a flat-field image reconstruction, which is done by makeAsens.


You pass it your A-matrix (A) and it's inverse (iA), and it will return to you the flat-field reconstruction (Asens), which will actually be multiple reconstructions (one per wavelength). You can view this matrix to see if there are any areas where sensitivity is much lower. Note that sensitivity will always be low around the edges of the field-of-view. If sensitivity is high right up to the edges, then you cropped your A-matrix too tight.

makeAsens is automatically performed if you did your reconstruction with dotimage().

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