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Optical properties files are key-files contain <math>\mu_a</math>, <math>\mu'_s</math>, and refractive index information for each region in the modeled domain. They work slightly differently for makeAnirfast() and makeAanalytic(). In both cases, you need to define the wavelengths with:

  • LAMBDA: a vector with each wavelength (in nm).

For makeAnirfast() you need a line for each property and region names in the region file.

  • MUA_NAME: absorption coefficient (in mm^-1) for the region NAME. This should be a vector with one value per wavelength.
  • MUSP_NAME: the same for reduced scattering coefficient (mm^-1).
  • N_NAME: index of refraction for each region and wavelength.

For makeAanalytic() there are no regions, so you simply enter each line without the NAME:

  • MUA
  • MUSP
  • N
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