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MATLAB Version

If you have a release version of the code from May 2010 or earlier, then you need to have at least MATLAB 2008b (7.7.0) or later.

If you use an internal SVN version of the code, then new features are constantly added. You should use the latest version of MATLAB. At the moment some features require MATLAB 2010a (7.10).

MATLAB Toolboxes

For processing, you will need the Signal Processing, Image Processing, and Statistics toolboxes.

If you wish to use the stimulus code, then you will additionally need the Data Acquisition toolbox.

Hardware Requirements

Many of the matrices used in the analysis are large. You should use a 64-bit computer with at least 4 GB of RAM (preferably 8 GB).

For stimulus presentation, you will need a 32-bit computer (as the Data Acquisition toolbox does not work 64-bit). The graphics card should conform to the standard required by Psychtoolbox (

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